The Apprentice President

In years past the world looked to the United States for true leadership in times of crisis. Unfortunately, ever since Donald Trump took office he has managed to obliterate any progress past Administrations have made in securing Americas place as the one nation that embodies the willingness to come to the rescue in troubled times. The internal conflicts created by Trump himself has only accelerated Americas surrendering of our leadership role in international affairs.

We also have to point out that the sporadic ramblings of many of his addresses has only confirmed what many have already concluded. The leader of the free world is as many point out a bonafide paranoid schizophrenic. What is more disturbing is that the Republican led Congress has done nothing to stop the insanity from inside the White House. Meanwhile, like that old Roman saying about Nero, while Trump keeps having delusions of grandeur and reiterates self embellishment the United States is steadily losing the respect that other nations had for America.

It never ceases to amaze that foreigner after foreigner have not only grown disillusioned about America’s ability to come to the aid of other nations in times of acute crisis but are scared to death that Trump would do something so irrational that it would jeopardize the stability of the whole world. It doesn’t only seem that everyday there is another crisis within the Trump Administration but the truth is Trumps behavior only guarantees another crisis and like in the Apprentice ” Your fired” is said all too often.

The one consistent behavior pattern that has been in the forefront of Trumps mind frame is his overwhelming thirst for wealth. This obsession by the Trumps is quite evident when he is using the position of the Presidency to further the Trumps fortune. In one instance by doing whatever it takes to keep the reign of fossil fuels from falling victim to the rising surge of the green energy movement. He is very adept at sabotaging any effort to curb carbon emissions all the while promoting the global consumption of US oil, coal and natural gas.

In this respect the President through is belligerent style and his ruthless desire to promote the Trumps brand of authoritarianism is endangering the whole planet. At the recent G-20 summit 19 leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Accord. But, what Trump has done by turning his back on the Paris Accord and promoting oil, coal, and natural gas here at home and abroad what ever impact there is in negating carbon emissions by other countries the results will only have carbon emissions continue to rise. In effect the President has only made global conditions that much worse.

Ever since Trump came into the White House every major large bank has reaped huge dividends. There is no question that Trump has had a hand in increasing the profitability of major banks like Chase, Bank America and other too big to fail banks. And to think that Trump is …

The Law of Attraction – How Writing a Letter to Yourself Can Go a Long Way!

Do you know that writing a letter to yourself with your goals and achievements can go a long way? Do you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee both had one of those letters that they wrote to themselves? Now, looking back it is amazing to see that what they had written on their letter is just about exactly what they have achieved.

This is just two examples of two famous figures, but this type of action is nothing new; thousands of successful people have used this type of law of attraction medium to attract what they wanted in life.

Write yourself a letter in the present tense, using ONLY positive phrases such has. “I am rich” versus “I am not poor anymore”, or “I am healthy” and not “I am not sick anymore”. Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand negative statements, but rather takes it for a positive affirmation. For example, “I am not poor” will only register as “I am poor” in your subconscious mind. Therefore, you want to simply say “I am rich” or “I am wealthy”. Do not say “I am not fat anymore” but “I am fit”. You get the picture?

Your letter should always be in the present tense. “I am” and not “I will be”. The subconscious mind doesn’t understand future time either, it’s all in the present, in the NOW.

When your write your letter of success to yourself, you must include the following:

• Set specific goals.

• Set a time frame, a time limit.

• Mention exactly what you are going to achieve.

• Mention exactly how much money you are going to make.

• Always speak in the present tense, not in the future.

• Never use negatives statements. Always use positive ones.

• Mention about your feeling of happiness and wellness as well.

If you do this very simple thing for yourself and just read your letter every day, once in the morning when you wake up and once at night before you go to bed, your life will start to change for the best.…