Effects Of Poor Parental Care On Child Development

Parental intervention and application of moral principles can do much to mitigate these potential effects. One can then consider some of the possible effects a poorly brought up child can face. Research clearly shows that a child who lacks adequate parental instruction stands the risk of recalcitrance. A dependable study who reveals that out of ninety-four thousand cases of child delinquent behavior, about eighty percent stems from children in a household with poor parental counseling.

Relatively, the escalating risk of childhood sexual abuse in our society today results primarily from ineffective parental training and supervision. Generally, this psychological development drifts through life with no set objectives, very low sense of direction and low self-esteem as well as delinquent attitude among many children of minimal parental care.

Every Christian home must bring up a child in the way acceptable to God so that when the child grows up, he will not depart from it. This is a responsibility many biological parents deride. It therefore means that child from such irresponsible parental background may grow above his jacket and subsequently becomes a nuisance not only to the immediate community but the entire society.

Indeed, a child without adequate and sustained parental instruction or counseling is worthless and may slowly or rapidly grow into marijuana addiction, vandalism and armed robbery as well as other social vices. Little wonder why child delinquency in many developing societies is always blamed on in-effective parental upbringing.

Sometimes, these parental responsibilities are abandoned due to one reason or the other. Cases abound where some children are considered and seen as very fragile and so to be handled with care resulting, unfortunately, in over pampering. Attempting by fathers to instill discipline in such children receives negative reactions from the mothers especially when they remember and consider the labour they passed through during delivery.

Candidly speaking, this shoddy home training bestowed on a child does not usually augur well for his development. This in turn helps to promote moral decadence, which is a cog in the mechanical wheel of development of any society.

Another causative factor of poor parental care in many homes is the issue of housemaids. Apparently parental care and moral instruction are now being concentrated on the housemaids to the detriment of the biological child. There is absolute denial of basic parental training of the child from birth.To get rid of this psychological impact of poor child up bringing on the society, every biological parent must properly groom his or her children to become useful citizens by not sparing the rod and spoiling the child.…

Newton’s Third Law and The Secret Physics of Drumming

Dating back to 4000 BC in Egypt, drums are the oldest known instrument in the world. Not only have people been using drums for a long time, but Macaque monkeys also use drumming to show dominance and communicate. Drums have been used all over the world as a means of communication or a way to create music. People who play the drums heavily rely on the physics behind them, but many people never truly realize how much newton’s third law takes place in their activity. When a person plays drums, to simply put it, they are just hitting drums in different ways at different times. The main thing they are doing is bouncing a stick, a hand, a mallet or something similar off of a drum. Without being able to bounce something off the drum, drumming would be drastically different, or even non-existent in this day and age.

Both the sticks, mallets, hands, etc., and the makeup of the drum itself have major roles in the physics of drumming. For example, without Newton’s Third Law, the drumstick would never bounce off the drum, leaving drums having a dull and bland smacking noise. Newton’s Third Law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The action would be the sticks hitting the drum, and the equal and opposite reaction are the sticks bouncing off the drum. As the sticks push against the drumhead, the drumhead also pushes against the sticks with an equal and opposite force, leaving the drum resonating with sound and the sticks back up in the air. This is possible because of the tension in the circular membrane of the drumhead. The tension makes it easier for the sticks to apply more force to the drumhead and make a louder sound while being pushed back up to hit again. Different drums also have different ways they need to be hit. For example, the snare drum needs to be hit in the center, whereas the timpani drum needs to be hit near the sides.

The ideal circular membrane has a fundamental frequency of ƒ1=0.765((√ T/σ)/D), where ƒ = frequency, T = membrane tension, σ = mass per unit, and D = the diameter of membrane. With this ideal frequency, it is easiest and most efficient to hit the drumstick off of the drum. Leading back to Newton’s Third Law, when it is most efficient to hit the drumstick off of the drumhead the forces of the sticks and the drum are completely equal and the drum leaves a resonating sound as the stick goes back up the be used to hit the drum again.…

Law of Attraction – How I Lost 20 Kg (44 Lbs) Of Fat in 90 Days With LOA and How You Can Too

Three years ago, I went through a very hard period of my life. But I managed to turn it around and gain a positive result from it.

One of the goals I obtained was to lose quite a lot of weight. 20 kg (44 lbs) over a period of only three months, and most of the weight loss stayed off permanently.

I have the Law of Attraction to thank for this victory, and if you are in a fight against your weight, you can win, too.

First of all, I decided to lose weight. I decided to lose a lot of fat in a short period of time, and to become good looking and attractive as fast as possible. I even put a time limit on my goal.

Then I took action. I cut down my food intake from large portions to small portions. Since I was going through this bad period, I didn’t want to enjoy myself. Not even when I was eating. So instead of eating for lust, I only ate enough to survive.

Every single day I also took a good walk. For at least 30 minutes I walked in a fast pace, whether it was raining, or the sun was shining. I did that to get away from my problems, to let the air in and clear my mind from negative thoughts. Through movements, I improved my mood.

I also did lots of meditations daily. Not about the weight loss, but about my problems. I feel certain, though, that breathing consciously and meditating contributed a lot to solve my weight problem, too.

Every morning I stood up on the scale, and I expected it to show 1 kg less than the day before. It wasn’t something I hoped for or wished for. It was something I expected.

Some mornings the weight hadn’t changed. Some mornings it was almost 2 kg’s less than before. Always the weight kept going in the right direction, which didn’t surprise me at all. I took it for granted, and never doubted it for a second.

After three months, I had lost 20 kg, which obviously is less than one kg per day, but I was satisfied with the result. The weight loss made me feel well, and that showed. As by a miracle, my bad times were over, things changed, and life was good again.

If you want to obtain a permanent weight loss with the help of the Law of Attraction, I recommend that you set a goal, do lots of meditations and visualizations, take action, and expect miracles to happen. They do, you know.…

Historical And Political Evolution Of Nigeria From 1900-Present Day

Britain governed indirectly through the existing local institutions. Sir Frederick Lugard’s Indirect Rule worked well in the North and the West where Traditional rulers were already in place. It however, failed woefully in the East where there was no tradition of central governing authority. What the British did therefore, was to create artificial chiefs whom they called “Warrant chiefs”. Because of the alien authority so created in the East and because some of them were actually insignificant people, the warrant chiefs commanded little or no authority. People either ignored them or protested their rule. One of the upshots of this anomaly was the ‘Aba Riots’ of 1929, led by women who were protesting in the main, the imposition of tax by a warrant chief.


The Governor of Nigeria at this time, Sir Hugh Clifford had earlier attacked the National Congress of British West Africa, a political party which was formed and led from the Gold Coast by Casely Hayford, for having sent a petition to the secretary of state for the Colonies in London. One of the agitations of the educated minority in Lagos and Calabar areas was for proper constitutional representation, and the petition was rejected by Lord Milner, the secretary of state. Clifford himself had attacked the National Congress of British West Africa as a whole, but he fully appreciated the need for reform and especially for increased participation of Nigerians in the government of their own country.

One of the political consequences of the Clifford Constitution was that the introduction of elective principle in the Legislative Council stimulated political activity, particularly in Lagos, which had three seats. Political parties and newspapers were founded, though some were short-lived due to personal rivalries and inadequate funding. That was the early stage of Nigerian nationalism. Herbert Macaulay founded the first Nigerian political party – Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) – and which won all the elections of 1923, 1928 and 1933.

The supremacy in Lagos of the NNDP was not challenged until the foundation in 1934 of the Lagos Youth Movement, which changed its name to Nigeria Youth Movement (NYM) in 1936. The NYM emerged from relative obscurity at the 1938 General Elections to challenge the NNDP and it became the predominant Nigerian party under Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe’s leadership, until he resigned from it on an internal issue of confidence in 1941, after which it faded away.

The impact of the Second World War (1945-1949) upon Nationalist movements in British West Africa was the same in all territories. The impact was threefold: military, psychological, and economic.

Large numbers of West African troops were recruited and saw military service in East Africa, in North Africa, and most particularly, in South East Asia. They were taught that they were fighting for freedom, and were promised good resettlement facilities when they returned home and were demobilized. However, West African units in South East Asia had been issued with pamphlets describing demobilization and resettlement procedures applicable to British troops …