Cambodia – Strengths and Weaknesses

Cambodia hasn’t been the hotbed of activity like its neighbors have for almost a half-millennium. Realizing its weakness and working to become a bigger tourist destination to help pull its citizens out of poverty, the country has taken great strides in improving its cities and amenities. Since, the biggest industries that the Cambodian economy relies on are construction, tourism, investment, and commodity trade. Cambodia continues to improve on its safety and international relations.

Cambodia is political member of such organizations as the United Nations and the World Bank. It also continues to improve the political side of their government by building diplomatic relations with many countries, hosting 20 embassies across the country. There are still border disputes that arise between the country and its neighbors on occasion. The biggest violence seems to erupt between the border of Thailand and Cambodia where as recently as April, 2009, there was an uprising about where the physical border lies. Both countries mobilized their militaries and 2 Thai soldiers fell as a result of the incident.

One of the Cambodia’s strengths has been the economic growth that’s rapidly on the rise. But the overall economic situation is still low when compared to its neighbors in other parts of Southeast Asia. This has also had the “trickle down” effect, allowing the average per capita wage to increase as well. Cambodia still has a great deal of its population in poverty, though. One of the big positive economic contributors, outside of the increased tourism, has been the reintroduction of more than 750 different types of rice courtesy of the International Rice Research Institute out of the Philippines. Another weakness affecting the economic growth and situation in Cambodia is the lack of education that many of the older generations possess. While education and fluency in reading and writing are rapidly increasing among its youth, the older citizens are still behind the times.

One of Cambodia’s strengths is the great culture due to its mix of modern globalization and various religions. A major strength is what the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has done for the promotion and development of Cambodian culture. Another thing plaguing Cambodia is the effects of Civil War on its people. The median age is just 20.1 and UNICEF has identified the country as the third most land mined in the country. Cambodia is on the rise but it will take some time to help fully recover from its current state.…

The Law of Attraction and the Sweepstakes

This is an account of my own experience with “The Secret”! If you haven’t read the book by Rhonda Byrne yet I highly recommend it. It explains how the Universal Law of Attraction works! How we create our own reality by what we think feel.

“Like Attracts Like”

As soon as I read this book I began to put methods to test to make it work for me. I used it to start my own spiritual journey of awakening, to find my purpose. This attracted me to a lot of different programs about this subject. Not to mention a lot of self help information. As a result of all this I have grown tremendously as a person. I have definitely seen this law in action!

I thought all I had to do was “Desire exactly what I wanted” to the point of obsession (total focus). Believe it to be mine beyond a shadow of a doubt, Take “inspired action” towards it… & It would be mine!

I wrote my affirmations everyday… “My life is perfect now that I make ____$ a week. I am so Grateful for all this success! I went through my visualization exercises many times a day… (imagining my dream as if it were happening at that moment and Feeling it)! I have my “vision board” with all my goals & dreams & pictures of exactly what I want right beside my desk so I can Focus on them…I even started meditating! I Asked, Believed, & Took Inspired Action & then waited to Receive. I even had the exact date! Because my dream was to win the Publishers Clearing House $5000 a week for life sweepstakes! I had every thing all figured out how this would get me to my dreams! I was already writing the affirmation of that amount… & then all of a sudden, instead of it’s giveaway date in Feb. 2009, they were going to” Take an early look and give it away on Feb 29th 2008! I got so excited… I just knew the universe was rearranging things to grant my dream!

I began visualizing the Winning Moment on my porch! How we would spend the money… how I could use it to help people… (this was my biggest dream… to find a way I could give back in a way to help others) I was convinced to the point of obsession that this would be my answer to how I could give. I had no other idea of anything special I could do that would be My individual way I could accomplish this.

I figured my “inspired action” was entering everyday online, all places I could find to enter! I even watched a video clip of past winners on You Tube every day just to help Feel the win. I had the pictures out of the mailings sitting here on my desk & would imagine Dave Sayer at my door, then at the kitchen table to work out the details!

I put …