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Discover FIFA 15

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Imagine that run along the touchline on the football pitch, frantically pressing the cursor keys to saw off a counter attack as the visiting team. At a given moment appears on the screen radio button and you reflex ounce “certify” the left button of the mouse and in the same moment of lifting the flag high in the air – a defensive player commits a foul. You have completed the first level in Be a Referee mode of playing…

FIFA 15 is the most complete football game to date.


Joking aside, but really not far from the truth – FIFA 15 is the most complete football game to date and offers many gaming modes and modes that will keep you seamlessly front of the screen for months and months. You can be a player, goalie, manager, there is a offline and online multiplayer support for Ultimate Team, an extra field on which to train … Not to mention that there are judges, handball, to lay out networks, and the tensions that are involved to the goal and much, much more. Literally missing just yet if you could take a whistle in hand and that the matter is complete. Purists will note that this is still missing deepened regime teams and FIFA unconvincing acting when the official club competitions in question, but the thing pulls an incredible roster of players, clubs and leagues who this year led to full machined England Barclay’s Premier League with all 20 clubs, distinctive presentation, audio commentary and 200 brand new models of players.


There are 10 leagues and promotion deserve winning at the start of the indicated number of points. Opponents are colorful and depends on them matches the weight that varies from meeting to meeting (you cannot drop below a defined level that changes with the opposing teams). There were also clashes in the cup, a huge online stock market players and aids store where you spend deserved points for the purchase of “bladder” with the players and goodies and so on. Interesting particular contributes to the way in which you build a team. In addition, players are divided on quality you must take care to assign team roles that suit their preferences. Chemistry team is not only a respectful position, but you must take into account the nationality of players who are better understood in the field, then the league in which to play, and all that was presented scheme positions and connecting lines tweak seeking ideal 11. The point, of course is not entirely new, but it is further deepened and a matter with which you are most play.

The following assets are dynamic fields. At first glance it seems trivial that the corner flags swaying in the wind and the grass made in 3D, but unusually interesting that you can determine the speed of “deterioration” grassy surface on which are now visible traces of playing. Everything has just visual character and does not affect the game, but it’s nice for the eye. Around the field are placed LED advertising signs, and the stands are 3D models of fans.

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